Patient Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Graf and Dr. Forowycz...I had a very positive experience yesterday...the office in Schaumburg was so clean(Crystal Lake is very clean too) in every single place you could eat off the floor both in the lobby, waiting room, and examination and treatment rooms...not a speck ok dust or dirt anywhere that I could see...all of the staff was wonderful and helpful..Dr.Forowycz explained everything thoroughly yesterday and took time to make sure I was comfortable and felt safe...I was a bit annoyed that they pushed back my appointment, but all of that fell by the wayside with my interactions with everyone yesterday.

I was able to sit down yesterday at my Aunt and Uncles home for more than hr and talk with my family (uncles, cousins, and lovely Ava) and that hasn't happened in a very long time!! The Dr. even told me that it may take a couple of days for the injections to fully take effect- I experienced relief within hours...It was nice not to have to get up and walk around and stretch as much and just relax...
Many thanks....

- Traci S

Dr. Graf has got to be one of the best professional back surgeon in the country he can work on my back anytime I had a very good positive experience first class he has excellent bedside manners I can't say enough for dr. Graf

- Moe Q

Dr Carl Graf was the most hands on, compassionate doctor we have ever dealt with. He cared for my son after surgery until he walked out the door. Most surgeons are gone as soon as they are done with surgery. I would highly recommend the Illinois Spine Institute.

- Susan Snell Orseno

Well when i was there yesterday, they treat me real good very nice, Tatiana was excellent i thank her for her kindness, and the Doc was so nice and gentle, kund of Dc Alex Forowycz.if i need to have another injection it will be Dc Alex, and the other helper was real nice to thank u all for making me feel better.

- Luz E

My husband had surgery yesterday by Dr. Graf. I had never met him before and like any spouse was nervous about the surgery.

Dr Graf was wonderful with explaining everything thing before and after. Didn't feel we were rushed if we had questions or concerns.

Best news was my husband came out feeling relief. Great staff. Great Doctor.

- Lauri K

I don't think you could find a better team to take care of your spine surgery needs. I truly appreciate the professionalism,courtesy and exceeding the all expectations set from start to finish. Highly Recommend!

- Tony S

After 4 surgeons telling mr I should be wheel chair bound along comes Dr' Lami and a week out of surgery I feel a 100 % better than before with min. pain and numbness gone so far! AMAZING!

- Rick S

Very professional and friendly. Doctor Graf took the time to explain my condition and answer my questions. I highly recommend him to anyone with back pain.

- Steve R