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What sets ISI apart from standard Physical Therapy?


Like physicians who have different specialties, our therapist team at ISI is specially trained and experienced in treating spine patients.  That is our focus – come and experience the difference.  Our therapy is on-site and attached to our state of the art medical office and surgical center and thus there is a direct line of communication between your therapist with your physician.

Physical therapy is one of the best conservative treatment options available to address back pain.  A physical therapist is a movement specialist who is well-trained, skilled health care professional who improves functional mobility through manual therapy, safe stretching, conditioning, and strengthening exercise techniques. Patients are educated on anatomy and physiology, pain management, and home exercise programs which can appropriately reduce their symptoms and improve their functional outcomes.

In addition to exercises, various modalities are utilized during rehabilitation.  Hot or cold packs, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, computerized traction, and trigger point dry needling may be indicated depending on the limitations that are present.

What are the expectations from physical therapy?


The first visit will be an initial evaluation. The physical therapist will obtain relevant medical history, which will include factors which may increase or decrease pain. A physical examination will follow which will assess movement (range of motion) and strength through various tests and measures. Thereafter, a plan of care will be established that is consistent with findings from the examination portions of the evaluation which includes: short term and long-term goals, outcomes measures to track progress, and a discharge plan.

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