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  • What to know about cervical stenosis in the spine

    Cervical stenosis (CS) is the medical term for the narrowing of the spinal canal in the cervical or “neck” region of the spine. In CS, the upper part of the spinal canal becomes narrowed, compressing the spinal cord and nerve roots in this area.

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  • What does arthritis in the spine look and feel like?

    Spinal arthritis includes a range of degenerative conditions affecting the joints in the spine. The condition may cause swelling and pain. Imaging scans may also show changes to the bone structure.

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  • Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

    Back pain is physical discomfort that occurs along the spine or back. It may feel like a constant, dull ache or sudden, sharp, stabbing, or burning pain. Problems with the spine, inflammatory disease, and other health conditions are common causes of back pain.

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  • Stretches and exercises to relieve SI joint pain

    Tightness in any of the muscles around the SI joints can interfere with the joints and cause lower back pain. Stretching the muscles may bring relief, while strengthening exercises help reduce the chances of the injury recurring.

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  • Having 'good' posture doesn't prevent back pain, and 'bad' posture doesn't cause it

    Surprisingly, there is a lack of evidence for a strong relationship between "good" posture and back pain. Perceptions of "good" posture originate from a combination of social desirability and unfounded presumptions.

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