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  • Preparing for Surgery: How to Improve Your Recovery

    Learn the pre-surgery tips that can help improve your recovery, including how to prepare for surgery, what to expect during recovery and how to minimize complications.

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  • What to Know About Prescription Pain Patches

    A pain patch is a transdermal medication used to manage acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) pain. The patch has an adhesive back that sticks to the skin. It slowly releases the medication into the bloodstream.

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  • What to wear to physical therapy

    Suitable clothing for physical therapy depends on the person’s injury type. Loose-fitting clothes that expose the affected area are often a good option.

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  • Why sitting with crossed legs could be bad for you

    Are you sitting comfortably? Just pause for a moment and without adjusting, notice your posture. What are your legs doing? Are they crossed? And are you a right or left crosser? Some 62% of people cross right over left, 26% go the other way and 12% have no preference.

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  • Polluted Air May Speed Osteoporosis Bone Loss

    Exposure to elevated levels of air pollutants is associated with bone damage in postmenopausal women, according to a new study that said the effects were most evident on the lumbar spine.

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