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  • What to Expect From Herniated Disc Physical Therapy

    A spinal disc herniation is a relatively common diagnosis that occurs when the gel-like inner portion of a disc (called the nucleus pulposus) protrudes out through a torn portion of the outer disc layer (called the annulus).

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  • New genetic knowledge about cluster headache

    Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, together with British colleagues, have conducted the largest study to date in search of genetic markers about cluster headache. In the long term, it can hopefully pave the way for more effective treatments.

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  • What to know about physical therapy for multiple sclerosis

    Physical therapy can play an important role in helping people with multiple sclerosis manage the condition. Its benefits include strengthening the body, preventing symptoms from getting worse, and helping a person regain lost function.

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  • The Benefits of Hands-On Physical Therapy

    Manual physical therapy (PT) refers to a cluster of hands-on therapeutic techniques used by a therapist to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

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  • Need physical therapy? 3 key questions your PT will ask

    You’re heading for physical therapy, ready to do the exercises prescribed to help ease pain and restore function. Be prepared to answer questions, too; your physical therapist will want to know a lot more than just where you have pain. You can expect three main questions.

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