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  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy beneficial in migraine

    A migraine-specific adaptation of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) program does not improve headache-related impairment among patients with migraine, but does result in reduced headache frequency and improved psychological functioning. according to a study published online Dec. 21 in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

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  • Back pain common among astronauts offers treatment insights for the earth-bound

    The scientists say further study among astronauts of these methods—including specialized suits and certain exercises—may provide insights for treating back pain in the estimated 80% of Earth-bound people who experience some form of it over their lifetimes.

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  • Mayo Clinic Minute: 'Tis the season for cluster headaches

    A cluster headache is a rare headache disorder that differs from a typical migraine or headache. Less than 1% of the population have cluster headaches, but for those people, it's an intense experience because the headaches come on fast and hit hard.

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  • These physical therapists have a new approach for strengthening the core, and the NFL is taking notice

    Anyone who has been near a gym in the last decade has heard the buzz about strengthening "the core"—muscles in the trunk and abdomen that can be targeted with crunches, planks, and other gut-busting exertions. Yet for all the attention devoted to this crossroads of the human body, it remains a common site of injury for amateur and professional athletes alike.

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  • Does Physical Therapy Treat Migraine?

    Migraine is a neurological condition marked by intense, often debilitating headaches. It can also be accompanied by symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, and numbness or tingling. There are various treatments for migraine, and physical therapy may be helpful in treating migraine for some people.

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